Saturday, May 30

Non Sequiters

The garden is now actually outside rather on the windowsill. Of course, the severe thunderstorms have resulted in some casualties, but I am hoping for some success.

Finally, saw Star Trek and was pleased for the most part. All of the actors were good choices. Quinto was a given for Spock, but Karl Urban and Simon Pegg, as McCoy and Scotty, were the standouts for me. The possibilities open at the end of the film are endless, and I look forward to more stories in this alternate universe. Still, I would like to see more from the original Trek universe that, most likely, will not be revisited again in film or TV. I don't believe that continuity is a bad thing in any medium; it makes for a richer fictional experience. I am one of those people that believe that Enterprise's last season was some really fine Trek.

Hey! It's my Birthday!! In my honor, Wal-Marts around the nation are giving away free ice cream (full servings) today from 11AM to 4PM... It is a nice gesture on their part, but I would really have appreciated it more if they would have renamed the stores Wal-Mark for the day. Still, go and enjoy Mark Day!!

Only Child, leaves for Arizona on Wednesday, to spend a week with an internet friend and her family. She is anxiously counting down the days. It will be her first airplane flight and she is going alone. I am also anxious... for all the parental reasons you'd expect. I am excited for her, though.

Just finished the season finale of Fringe and was pleased to see that my theory regarding Peter were spot on. All that plus more Nimoy goodness. Great show; can't wait for next season.

Also just got around to watching the Glee! preview and can't wait for more! I loves me some musical TV.

It will probably be canceled after 4 episodes, but I can dream.

That's it for now.


bill said...

happy happy


Tony Collett said...

Happy birthday, Mark! Hope it's a great one.

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