Wednesday, June 3

AZ You Like it

Only Child has safely arrived in Arizona for a week of fun in the sun with her long-time internet pal, Spoon.

Of course, I was worried about her first flight... I'm a dad.

Every time that I said that I was letting my daughter fly to Arizona to stay with a friend that she met online, I was sure everyone thought I was a crappy parent sending my child into the hands of international slavery ring. She has been friends with Spoon for several years and we have been in contact with the family as we planned out this little vacation... so I didn't have too much concern regarding the trip on that front. Besides I met some of my favorite people online and and drove to Louisville, KY to meet up with them; so I wouldn't let Only Child miss out on such an opportunity.

There are so many other things I can think of to worry about...

Arizona has 547 reported cases of swine flu and 5 deaths... Yeah.

I am such a worrier.

Nonetheless. If my child is reading this... Have fun, honey, and don't forget to call me everyday so that I don't think up other things to worry about.



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Tony Collett said...

Great, now you've got me all worried now ^_^
And the thing is, she got to fly much sooner than Kathy and I did, which was before we turned 30, and just before we got married.
Lemme close by telling you about the time we were going to go to AnimeCon '91 with some friends driving across country with friends. My grandma was concerned about us going away "with friends" (this was before the internet tubes became such a sensation that you could meet friends or look at pron) and asked my brother about it. He told her not to worry, that the name of one of the friends we were travelling with was Dahmer.
She didn't like that much, more so after finding out he was kidding her.