Wednesday, September 5

Decision 2012

Make your choice at the ballot box

Tuesday, September 4

What's Up Chuck!?

I know there hasn't been a post in over a year, but I thought you should all see Chuck Norris' dire warning of 1000 years of darkness that will follow if Barack Obama is re-
elected president!!!!

It is socialism or worse that awaits any evangelical halfwit that doesn't rush to the polls on election day to save their beloved christian nation!

It is a call to arms for the brainless.

I knew Norris is the source for a whole line of humorous tough-guy jokes. Now, he is
just a joke. Not even a funny one.

Tuesday, June 7

Headline News

I will not be happy until I see this headline....

Pelosi Seeks Weiner Probe

It is true.

He was a product of his surname

Rep. Anthony Weiner admitted to sending photos of his stimulus package to young
females via twitter.

One of my favorite politicians has shamed himself and appalled me.

Still, I hope he can move forward and continue to be an effective force for good.

Monday, May 30

Ugly public assistance need not apply

Wow. Cordova, Alabama really put a heartless bastard in the mayor's office
The town, hit hard by the April 27th tornado, has a ban on single-wide trailers... like the ones that FEMA provides for those left homeless by disasters.

Mayor Jack Scott refuses to lift the ban (even temporarily) for the families left homeless. He did allow the trailers for the police department, a local bank and a pharmacy, because they are for the greater good. Apparently, giving his constituents shelter from the elements isn't part of that greater good.

His concern is for the aesthetics of the town. He doesn't want unsightly FEMA trailers offending the eyes of the community, if they stay too long after the disaster. Of course, any temporary waiver for the ban could include a deadline.

Maybe I'm just down on this jerk because I live in a trailer.

Us white trash has to stick together.

Monday, May 9

Happy Birthday, Billy Joel!

Today is Billy Joel's birthday. Please, observe it by listening to, at least, one of his great songs. Don't go for the obvious; pick one of his lesser known works... Piano Man is to easy. Try Vienna Waits For You or Miami 2010.

Happy Birthday, Mr. Joel, and thanks for all the music!

Friday, April 15

Testing, 1, 2, 3...

Just checking to see if anyone ever stops by here anymore. Of course, it might help if I stopped by on occasion.

Friday, December 31

Happy New Year, Everyone!!

To get it off to a proper start, enjoy some pugs...

"Cause Pugs make everything better!

Saturday, December 25

Paula Burke Conner

I am having a hard time being Merry tonight. A long-time friend of mine, Paula Burke Conner, was taken off life support this afternoon; she died shortly thereafter.

She was incredibly smart and tremendously funny. She leaves behind countless friends, 3 children, her husband and family. My thoughts are with them tonight.

This fatal ordeal was swift and unexpected. It does bring the true gifts we take for granted everyday into sharp focus. Before you open your gifts today, pull your loved ones close and let them know how grateful you are to have them in your life. Call an old friend and let them know your thinking of them.

The internet can bring all of us closer together.... put it to good use.

Merry Christmas, Paula and I wish you were here.

Season's Greetings