Monday, May 30

Ugly public assistance need not apply

Wow. Cordova, Alabama really put a heartless bastard in the mayor's office
The town, hit hard by the April 27th tornado, has a ban on single-wide trailers... like the ones that FEMA provides for those left homeless by disasters.

Mayor Jack Scott refuses to lift the ban (even temporarily) for the families left homeless. He did allow the trailers for the police department, a local bank and a pharmacy, because they are for the greater good. Apparently, giving his constituents shelter from the elements isn't part of that greater good.

His concern is for the aesthetics of the town. He doesn't want unsightly FEMA trailers offending the eyes of the community, if they stay too long after the disaster. Of course, any temporary waiver for the ban could include a deadline.

Maybe I'm just down on this jerk because I live in a trailer.

Us white trash has to stick together.

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