Saturday, December 25

Paula Burke Conner

I am having a hard time being Merry tonight. A long-time friend of mine, Paula Burke Conner, was taken off life support this afternoon; she died shortly thereafter.

She was incredibly smart and tremendously funny. She leaves behind countless friends, 3 children, her husband and family. My thoughts are with them tonight.

This fatal ordeal was swift and unexpected. It does bring the true gifts we take for granted everyday into sharp focus. Before you open your gifts today, pull your loved ones close and let them know how grateful you are to have them in your life. Call an old friend and let them know your thinking of them.

The internet can bring all of us closer together.... put it to good use.

Merry Christmas, Paula and I wish you were here.

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Tony Collett said...

I'm sorry to read the news. Our thoughts are with you and her family and loved ones.