Sunday, May 10

Dirty Deeds

For some strange reason, I decided to build a raised garden and grow some tomatoes, peppers and lettuce...I couldn't find a ranch dressing plant. I have bought 500 pounds of potting soil/top soil and still haven't filled the damn thing. I still need another 100 or so. This has led me to the sad truth that I am, indeed, dirt-poor; I must save up to buy the rest because I can't afford it right now. Dirt-cheap my ass!

While I work toward my completed farmland, I am stubbornly attempting to grow my plants from seed. This has become a very frustrating process. I have little sprouts that shoot up and then seem to whither away. What is the secret? It looks like a may have to admit defeat and buy plants. At the rate I am shelling out what little money I have, my salad fixings will be costing me about 5 times what I would pay in the store. Next year, the cost will be less because the garden will be established and I might even be a little wiser.

I will keep you all updated with crop reports. I know you will be on the edge of your seats awaiting news.


Tony Collett said...

Have you checked online for tips on how to start a garden from scratch?
When my dad grew tomatoes he got the plants to put into the ground.
I wish I knew what else to suggest, the only other thing I can give is our best wishes and hopes things work out for you.

Mark said...

I am slowly sifting thru the info I have found on line without really learning much. I am already doing the inside approach to starting my plants from seed...and I seem to be doing it right....with the wrong results. I will probably give in and buy some starter plants after I finish buying the rest of my dirt.

I still have no idea why I thought this would be fun.