Monday, September 28

The Best TV Out There

Since I've felt the need to share my opinion on the best comics out there, I might as well share my list of fave current TV fare. Without a doubt, Glee tops my list of the best stuff on TV. It doesn't hurt that this week's episode will feature Kristen Chenoweth and a Queen song!!! The show is well written and the cast does a fantastic job with the musical performances. Check it out.

I caught the first episode of Flash Forward and was intrigued by the premise and interested in the characters. I am on board for the season.

Fringe continues to please and, although I haven't seen it (and apparently no one else watched either), I have faith that Dollhouse will continue to improve... until it is axed.

Dexter and Mad Men are both continuing their greatness and The Mentalist, Castle and Criminal Mind also continue to entertain.

That is my list of the best... so far this season.

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