Thursday, October 1

Mental Meandering and Blithering

Work has been very stressful and tense for the last few months and I have been waiting for an opening on another shift. A spot has opened and I am supposed to be transferring... I got sent home tonight by the main reason for my current job dissatisfaction (for my bad attitude) and am not sure if I'm still employed or not. I will return to work tomorrow and see what my status is.

Enough of that stuff.

I want to apologize to Gordon for not telling him about the joy and wonder that is The Big Bang Theory. The reason for this lapse and the fact that it wasn't on my list of the best shows on TV, is that I don't watch it regularly. I came in late and had scheduling conflicts that kept me from recording it. Still, I loved the episodes that I did manage to see; so much that I have plans to buy the seasons on DVD.

Let me correct any oversights and slights to this fine show and tell everyone to WATCH IT!!! I also want to take time to tell everyone to check out How I Met Your Mother; it is another often missed but always loved sitcom from CBS.

Must go now and try not to think about my job insecurity.


Gordon D said...


Don't worry - I'll forgive you this time.

Hope things get better on the job front,

Tony Collett said...

Please let us know what's going on with the job.
And check my blog for an update on Spectacular Spider-Man season 2 later today.

Tony Collett said...

Please send me an e-mail at: terror -at- ccrtc dot com .
I misplaced your e-mail address and wanted to tell you something.