Friday, September 25

The Best Comics Out There

Inspired by Gordon's recent post, I thought I would give you my list of current faves on the comic rack.

Like Gordon, I too believe that Nova, Guardians Of The Galaxy and Blackest Night are not to be missed. Especially the Guardians; any book that features Rocket Raccoon is an automatic winner with me but most critics agree that both of Marvel's cosmic books are must reads. Blackest Night is turning out to be not just and epic event but another must read.

I also want to recommend the Incredible Hercules as a must-read. It is another well-reviewed but reader-impaired title.

My pick for the best comic currently on the racks has got to be The Unwritten from DC Comics/Vertigo. I was a big fan of Mike Carey's Lucifer, so I didn't hesitate to pick up his newest series (the $1 first issue didn't hurt either). After only a handful of issues, it shows the real promise of ranking up there with works like Sandman and Y: The Last Man. It is a book that exlores the blurry line between truth and fiction that surround the life of Tommy Taylor... Is he the son of the famous author of a fantasy series or his fictional creation? I urge you to rush out and get your hands on this book.

That's it for now.

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