Monday, September 21

The Emmy's

Let me first say that Neil Patrick Harris is the best damn awards show host since Billy Crystal. They should be throwing money at him to do the Oscars. But enough about Neil...

The show was great and I'm sure every winner deserved their award (although I still don't understand the love for 30 Rock, but I wasn't paying that much attention after the first award was given. Kristen Chenoweth won for Best Supporting Actress In A Comedy Series for Pushing Daisies. The show deserved more recognition and at least another season to find an audience, and Kristen Chenoweth is a goddess of epic talent (but that's just my opinion/obsession)!!

It was great to see Dr. Horrible and the gang interrupt the proceedings!

Mad Men won for best drama and proved it witht he episode that ran opposite the awards. You should check out that episode even if you don't follow the show... it will be remembered as one of those memorable moments in TV history.

All in all, a great night for TV and TV fans... and Kristen Chenoweth worshippers.

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