Friday, August 21

Does not compute

Haven't been able to get online as of late...we crashed and burned. In hopes of never losing all of our photos, music and other works, we bought a computer that has a mirror hard drive that automatically made a backup of all we did. Last week we had some problems with the computer and had to have a guy come out to look at it. Thankfully, it was still under warrenty (barely). The guy replace the power source and tweaked some other stuff but told us that the backup drive was bad and they would send a replacement out the next day... he told me that it was easy to replace and I could do it myself or call for assistance.

The drive came and I decided to be safe and call for technical assistance. Keep in mind that the computer was still running fine without the backup drive. I knew things weren't going to be that simple, when I told him I had the tower open and I needed to know which drive was the backup. His reply, Let's try the one on the right. After a couple of hours, it became apparent that the computer was not going to work with the assistance I received. The guy had to come out the next day and redo the job. After an attempt to get the backup drive intitialized and what have you, he came out and told us that the main drive was now dead.

We now have new drives and power source and none of our files. We have paid the local company that provides our internet service to attempt a salvage operation the bad drives to see if anything can recovered. Only Child is heartbroken that all of her files are gone... hopefully they aren't. I am now looking into buying an external drive to lessen any further losses... Of course, that is what the backup drive was supposed to do.


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