Friday, August 14

Back from our weekend in Ft.Wayne

Came back from our trip to Ft. Wayne to find that our computer had died while we were gone. It is back up to the point of allowing us access to the web but not yet fixed. Thankfully, it is still under warranty and all repairs are free.

Only Child had a wonderful time at the con and is hoping to attend many more. I wish I had a chance to attend more comic/SF conventions when I was her age. Such gatherings and the internet would have given me a much stronger feeling of fellowship with the rest of fandom.

The good news for O.C. is the inaugural gathering at the Anime Crossroads con this November. This might be one of those cons that she attends annually for the rest of her life... if it becomes successful. If you know anyone interested, let them know. I'm hoping it will have an impressive first year.

Recently got good news regarding our finances that will make life a little easier. More on that later.

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