Tuesday, September 8

When September Comes

Hey there! I'm back! Of course, that's only news if you noticed I was gone. Rehab was everything they said it would be and I don't even miss the drugs at all...
Okay. It wasn't rehab just laziness.

It has been a busy time since last we spoke. We have a change in our financial situation that now allows us to make some long-needed home improvements and buy food! Yeah! It isn't exactly winning the big lotto, but it certainly relieves me of the immense pressure I've been laboring under for the last few years. Let's hear it again...Yeah!

I see that while I stepped out, President Obama has continued his less than stellar descent into the uninspiring world of pathetic pandering to the republican minority. I also observed the republican party becoming more and more batshit crazy and overall moronic.... moreso than usual.

More in a bit.

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