Wednesday, January 14


Arlene update ....

Her heart rate went up today........trying to figure out why.........she'll be having another CT scan........move to regular room temporarily suspended.
She's talking and eating......

A mix of good/bad news, but certainly an improvement. Keep up the progress, Arlene!

Going to be bitterly cold for the next 36 hours or so... wind chills of 20 below. Living in a mobile home is always a challenge in those kinds of temps. I'm not sure the pipes won't freeze up and am thinking about leaving a trickle of water running thru the night. It is wasteful, but not as much as a broken pipe would be.

Trying to juggle the post-holiday budget but thankful that I have a job...even this one. Only Child's D.C. trip is looming and I am trying to find the cash to get her a Tracfone camera phone so that she can keep in touch and get some pics at the same time but not sure if it will be possible. It is still almost a month away so that gives me some time to work on it.

Will try to get back into a more regular blogging schedule if I can work up the energy.

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