Thursday, January 15

Winter Wonder Whine

Well, the subzero temps just hit us and I woke up with no hot water. The cold water works fine but nothing from the hot tap. I hope it is just froze up rather than a busted line; I have no money.

Speaking of no money and whining...

I am a major fan of Billy Joel and have attended all of his Indy concerts except for his last one; it sold out while my then inferior ISP was loading the web page for ordering tickets. Only Child has become a fan as well and we were both hoping he would return one more time so that we could both attend a live concert.

We heard that Joel and Elton John would be touring again and hoped Indy would be on the tour. Unfortunately, the date was announced Monday and tickets go on sale on Saturday.... There is no way in hell that we can get the $110 (give or take) to get a pair of tickets on Sat. Not that we would have much of a chance anyway; the Ohio stop sold out in 32 minutes.


Excuse me, I am going to get some cheese to go with my whine.

Thanks for listening to my rant.

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Tony Collett said...

Hopefully it's just the pipe's frozen. Isn't it funny that it's the hot water pipe that freezes up first?
And it seems the deck to get concert tickets is stacked against the regular guy. This latest cold snap reminded me of the time when I went out to get in line for Paul McCartney tickets back in... whenever he first started to play Beatles music on tour. It was back before the internet tubes were as connected as they are now, as I had to go out in 20 below zero weather.
No, I didn't walk 5 miles in the snow. Uphill. Both ways.
Hopefully, some better breaks are coming your way. At least it's good to hear you other than reporting a celebrity death.