Saturday, January 10

Wishing Arlene All The Best

Just before Christmas, friend and fellow blogger Arlene Franks started feeling under the weather and thought she might have the flue; she was taken to the immediate care center and her blood sugar was really high so they treated that and sent her home. A few days later, her friend called an ambulance and she was admitted to the hospital. They weren't sure what the problem was and performed all sorts of tests; finally deciding she had an infection of some sort. On December 26th, she had heart surgery to replace a heart valve and perform a double bypass. On Jan 5th, her sister posted this on Arlene's Facebook page...

Arlene is speaking a very little bit, showing signs of improvement. Our prayers make a difference. Let us all be hopeful for her. Arlene is strong inside. There is a big mountain for her to climb, but as the song sings, "ain't no mountain high enough."

On the 6th, her friend Beth sent me this email...

Hi. I spoke with Arlene's nurse this evening and she's come back 'round quite well. She is breathing on her own once again and her CAT scan showed no changes (a good thing!). She is quite tired but doing well. They are once again hopeful that she will move out of ICU tomorrow. She will also continue to be the anti-seizure meds. A possible contributing factor to her seizure was low blood sugar.

That is my current knowledge of the situation. With Arlene recovering in D.C. and all info coming via 3rd parties my grasp of the details is at best sketchy.

What I do know is that Arlene is a great friend and one of those people that the world needs a whole lot more of. So, let's harness the power of the internet to send her good thoughts and best wishes for a speedy and complete recovery!


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