Wednesday, January 21

Arlene Update

Here's the latest email I received regarding Arlene'current condition...

I spoke to a nurse last evening who said Arlene was doing a little better holding her, however...see update below from her Dad.

We called the hosptial, in turn, Dr. Shultz returned our call. He wanted permission to do a trachea-otomy and insert a feeding tube into her stomach, which they will do via a long needle. She will not be able to eat real food for a while. At present, she can't get off the ventilator. This will make it easier for her to breathe, and for them to clean out her lungs. They will be doing this proceedure tomorrow(Wed.). We will let you know more whenever we find out more. Please keep praying for her. We all love her so much. God Bless you all, H & M

Let's keep a positive outlook and hope this procedure will aid in hastening her recovery.

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