Tuesday, January 20

Good morning, America. How are you?

The Constitution is sleeping in today; it's so warm snuggled up in the flag. It will finally begin to stir around noon and brush the sleep from its eyes and hope that the nightmares it has suffered the last eight years are finally at end. No more Dubya lurking in the closet or Cheney coiled beneath the bed.

And what better way to start that new day than with a historic inauguration!!

Wake up little Constitution!!! It's morning in America!

Let's hope that liberals and conservatives can join together and help our new president start to clean up the train wreck of the last 8 years and get the country back on the track to peace, prosperity and freedom for all.

The above flag/photo is by artist Terry Why and can be purchased at AllPosters.com. Check out Why's work; I'd hang any of 'em on my walls. 

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