Wednesday, January 28

Checking In

Just wanted to publicly thank my generous friend BK for sending the family a box of books to help pass the winter hours... THANKS!!! Any box that contains John D. MacDonald and Edgar Rice Burroughs is truly a gift to be treasured! Only Child was thrilled with the copy of Ghost Story!

Winter is definitely at the top of my thoughts...we got about a foot of snow yesterday and thru the night. The drive home was a treat and then shoveling all that snow to get the car in the drive and the porch cleared was real fun (also had to clear a spot for small dogs to potty).

Had to get my cholesterol and blood pressure checked for my insurance discount. The cholesterol was higher than it should be and I should really make an effort to bring it down. The blood pressure...that's another story. The guy taking it did a poor job of it and they reported it as 150/90 and suggested I see a doctor ASAP. I used the machine in the store pharmacy and got a reading of 114/76 on one check and another of 114/73 on another; getting that sorted out with the insurance company will probably be fun. I reported my reading to the website given and am sure they will accuse me of covering up a health problem... an annoyance that will probably make my blood pressure rise.

Going to bed now. More later.

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