Thursday, August 28

Just wanted to let you know that my depression and irrationality got the best of me regarding daughter's job having an affect on our assistance. They assured me that they were only gathering the info for tracking the family income and that it will not change anything. On that note, daughter is probably going to give notice anyway so as to join all of the many clubs she wants to take part in.

As for the Japan trip, Lisa talked to the People to People rep; and there was some bad news/good news regarding. The trip could cost as much as $6900 (Japan is the most expensive) depending on their corporate donations, but they do offer half-ride and full-ride scholarships for eligible students.

We can also get local businesses and even the library and school to help fund the trip by applying for aid. Between that and our own efforts to raise funds for spending money and a passport, it just might be possible.

As I was typing this, Marline stopped by and made the first offical Japan Dream Donation ($25!!). Thanks Marline!!!

Feeling a bit better. Putting down the sharp objects.

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