Thursday, August 28

Dreaming of Japan

My child got one of those invites to be a People To People Student Ambassador next summer. Usually, these things would be ignored because of our massive financial struggles; what captured her attention and imagination was the 2 week tour of the Treasures of Japan that was offered. My kid loves everything Japanese! She's been studying and learning about Japan since grade school.

Of course, this invitation offers no financial assistance and the trip would most likely cost $3000 or more. We are scheduled to go to the introductory meeting in October to see how such an amount could possibly be raised by a teenager and her penniless parents. I'm sure that meeting will be the end of the dream for us, but we will give it a go anyway.

Speaking of penniless, I know I have whined endlessly about my finances but haven't always been clear just how bad things are. We have been receiving food stamps for awhile now (situation that pains me greatly) ... about $135 a month to feed the 3 of us. Did I mention that daughter got a job to allow her to get school clothes and spending money? She's having second thoughts because it is keeping her from enjoying her new high school social life, but wants to meet some financial goals first. The idea of saving up for the above Japan dream is weighing on her mind also. Before any decisions could be worked thru; the state has decided that, since she's got a job, we don't need assistance or health coverage for her. It seem that they would be content to let my daughter's income cover her father's cash flow problems... I will not make my child work to feed me. I will not. I feel very small and useless as a parent.

Enough of that depressing shit. Back to the point of this post...If there are any rich people out there, please click on that PayPal button and send my kid to Japan.
Maybe you could throw in a couple bucks extra so that I can buy her some lunch too.

Struggling to find a positive and better paying job. More later.

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Tony Collett said...

I feel bad reading about this post. I wish there were something I could do.
If you do decide that raising money is a viable option for child to go to Japan, say the word and I'll kick in some.