Sunday, August 31


Just a mini-rant about Coke Rewards. When I started collecting them, you could get a Gold Ticket to AMC Theatres for 275 points (the caps are worth 3 points). Then, they added a free large Coke to the deal and upped it to 375 points. I went online today to find that the Gold Ticket/Lg Drink deal is now 540 points... that is 180 caps per ticket! It seems that Coke or AMC thinks they are being taken advantage of by the people that are supposedly being rewarded.

My goal is it to get enough Gold Tickets to take Dakota and her friends to see the 6th Harry Potter movie. It's a good thing they moved it to next summer; maybe I can still reach the goal.

The only way I've got a chance for this is because I am getting caps from all my coworkers and friends. Stingy corporate bastards!

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