Wednesday, February 25

The Passion Opens To The Faithful

In this MSNBC report, it shows the strong turnout for Mel Gibson's The Passion Of The Christ and gets reactions from some who have seen it. The most criticized aspect of the film was the graphic violence. One of the people interviewed had this to say...

Cory Galbreath and his wife, Kim, both 29 and members of Hope Fellowship Assembly of God in Frisco, were among those who attended. Kim Galbreath sobbed and was comforted by her husband as they left the theater.

“It’s a little bit more brutal than you would think. I mean, there were times when you felt like it was too much. But I dare anybody not to believe after watching it,” she said.

She does know it was just a movie, doesn't she?

I saw Superman several times; and, in spite of the cool catch phrase that the ad department came up with, I never really believed a man could fly.

I hope that the movie serves to affirm, reaffirm and introduce nonbelievers to the story and the sacrifice; but I doubt one movie is going to convince someone of the truth, or lack thereof, regarding Jesus.

To all the faithful standing in line to see the flick...

I hope it is everything you want it to be and more (unless your anti-Semitic and looking for a fix).

To Mel Gibson...

I hope the movie was everything you wanted it to be (unless you really did want it to be anti-semitic) and helped you express and understand your faith more fully. I also hope you can be a little more open and accepting of the reality that other people have differing views on this subject. Oh, I also hope it makes massive amounts of money for you and yours... Now, can we just stop arguing about the darned thing.


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