Wednesday, February 25

Andrew Sullivan's Betrayal

It is sadly amusing or amusingly sad that Andrew Sullivan can feel betrayed by his party and his president. Actually, neither the party nor the president were ever his; and yet he still speaks fondly of his wartime president. He practically glows with pride as he speaks of how brave Dubya's preemptive attack against the pre-terrorists (my term) in Iraq was...

My support for the war is inextricable from my love for America. When this country was attacked, like many others, I was distraught. I was enraged because America's promise of a new world had been threatened by a murderous gang of theocratic thugs.

We are now on the same page. Remove murderous from that last sentence and I am right there with poor Andrew. I am enraged (or at least really pisssed off) because America's promise of a new world has been threatened by a gang of theocratic thugs.

The majority of people (and the President may well be one of them) that have legitimate, spiritual problems with gay marriage are not the target of my anger. It is the people that take their beliefs and try to legislate those beliefs so that all must abide by them (and I know the President is one of them).

I might add that the two Democratic frontrunners were pathetic in their efforts to duck and cover, with their separate but equal mumblings and fumblings. Edwards lost a lot of ground with me, when he practically ran away to avoid catching any gay marriage shrapnel.

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