Thursday, January 21

Peter Parker

Cmon! Everyone is doing it. I thought I might as well add my candidate to the ever-growing list if would be Peter Parker's

Ezra Miller is my choice. He has a recurring role on the USA network's Royal Pains and seems a perfect candidate for the Web-Slinger.

Okay, I've shown you mine... Now. show me yours.


Doc Nebula said...

I think Morgan Freeman would make a great Peter Parker. No. I mean Morgan Fairchild. No, no, I'm wrong again, I mean, Gedde Watanabe. Yeah. Gedde Watanabe would be the quintessential Peter Parker.

In all honesty, I have only to cast my mind back to how much I was dreading the first SPIDER-MAN movie, what with its "Ultimates" plotline and the whole "he's not a brilliant science student who designs his webbing, he has natural web shooters" thingie... and how pleasantly shocked I was by how good the movie was anyway... to realize I should just sit back and let Hollywood do whatever they're going to do. I have absolutely no respect for the reasons behind the reboot, but maybe it will come out okay anyway.

And at least this probably means we won't have to have Spidey in the AVENGERS movie, which is a vast relief to me. Now, if we could just get Scarlett Johanssen recast as the Scarlet Witch instead of the Black Widow...

Mark said...

Yeah, the fear of what might come from a reboot is great; but after the third film, I can't think anything could be more disappointing.

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