Friday, July 17

They can kiss my shiny metal ass!

I was so excited about the return of Futurama until now. Fox has decided to hire all new actors to voice the characters rather than pay the original cast what they are worth.

I hope that Mark Evanier is correct in his belief that Fox is announcing this to convince the actors to take a lesser deal.

If it does comes to pass, I will not watch a single episode.


RAB said...

It's a pretty safe bet to rely on what Mark Evanier says about this. Even leaving aside the fact that Fox pulled this exact same stunt with the Simpsons cast a while back, this isn't merely idle speculation on his part. He knows that business inside out. The clincher is the notion Fox would announce something like this a week before San Diego Conic Con and mean it to be taken as anything other than a ploy.

Mark said...

Oh, I believe that Mark Evanier is spot on with his analysis. Still, we all know that FOX is capable of some truly moronic decisions.