Monday, July 13


I recorded the entire first season of TNT's Leverage on my DVR but found out too late that there was a problem and episode 12 did not record. By the time I found out, they were not replaying the episodes. I set the DVR to record all episodes and waited... finally, the episode was replayed this week. Unfortunately, there was some NASCAR race on and it ran over just long enough to cut off the last few minutes of the episode.

Damn it!

Thanks for listening to my rant.

In spite of my anger/frustration, I recommend you watch the 2nd season premiere on Wednesday, July 15th.

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Tony Collett said...

I kinda ran into the same thing. I ran out of space on my TiVo and the last few episodes got deleted, and they weren't being shown.
I saw season 2 was starting soon and checked to see if they were rerunning the end of season 1. They were, and got caught up.
Usually I'll tell TiVo to record a minute longer to make sure I catch everything, but it cut off at the end of episode 13 just after they decided to go their separate ways. Given that's happened a couple of times before and they got back together (and there's a season 2 coming) I figured that's what happened, but I would've liked to have seen it.
And if episode 12 (The First David Job) cut off where my episode cut off, I can understand your pain. I just checked, and the episode is online at TNT's website:
Hope that helps. I'm going to check the schedule and add time as needed. Wish the networks would work with the DVR folks so we wouldn't have to do the work to enjoy their product.
Ironically, my word verification for this post was "perativo" which you sometimes wish you had to catch all of these shows.