Friday, June 26

The Thriller is gone

By now, of course, you have heard the news of Michale Jackson's death. How could you not have heard? The news channel feeding frenzy is at an embarrassing peak.

I must admit that I was never really a fan of Michael Jackson. The Thriller and Bad albums had some good/great tracks and Thriller, itself, has always been one of my faves (more for Vincent Price than Michael).

I watched as millions of others were swept up in the phenomenon of Jackson but could never really understand it. His bizarre behavior and the accusations of pedophilia seemed like just part of the sideshow that was his life in the spotlight. Sometimes the hot glare of fame can really screw a person up (just ask Elvis).

I think the thing that most put me squarely in the non-fan camp was when he proclaimed himself the King of Pop. While it might be arguably true, that should have been left for others to decide. That kind of egotistic masturbation was pathetic.

My opinion aside, my sincere condolences go out to his family (especially his children), friends and millions of fans.

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