Sunday, June 28

Billy Mays no longer here

They say that celebrity deaths come in 3's and we've reached that in the last week... But wait! That's not all! We are going to throw in a 4th celebrity death at no extra charge!

Yes, Billy Mays, the over-the-top (of his lungs) king of the infomercials has died at the age of 50!

It seemed appropriate to use an exclamation mark. Hmmmm. Maybe we should see about changing that to exclaMAYtion mark in honor of Billy.

The jokes are all too easy and, as a wise man once said, comedy isn't pretty.

All jokes aside, you really have to admire Billy Mays. He became an infomercial icon and was very good at what he did. Furthermore, I think OxiClean is a great product. Billy was seemingly everywhere on the vast TV wasteland and somewhat annoying in his delivery....but admit it, you are going to miss him.

Referring to him as Billy might seem disrespectful, but I think it is a testament to his friendly on-air demeanor that made him such a great salesman. He seemed like a guy that would insist on being called Billy and not Mr. Mays.

My sincere condolences to his family, friends and, yes, his fans!

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