Saturday, April 11

TV death watch or Save My Shows!

It seems that I have a love for the underdogs of television. As it stands right now, 4 of my top 5 favorite network shows are facing likely cancellation.

Chuck, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
, Reaper and Dollhouse are all on the block. If Chuck and Sarah Connor could be saved, I would consider it a win. If Chuck, alone, could survive, I would consider it a small victory.

Chuck is, hands down, the most entertaining and endearing show on TV right now!! Watch it, dammit!

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
is nearly as good as the first to films and the time travel turmoil is nearly as mind-bending as anything on Lost.

Dollhouse stumbled out of the gate and didn't manage to find it's feet until the fourth episode; but it has improved immensely. I think it needs another season to develop a following.

Reaper is simple, mindless fun; and Ray Wise obviously enjoys his role as Satan and manages to make him lovable and loathsome at the same time.

At least Lost will be back.

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My best suggestion for all shows is to write the networks. Don't stay silent. They will never know how much you'd like these shows to stay if you never tell them.

While I don't know Sarah Connors, Dollhouse, and Chuck information, I do know Reaper's. I would suggest for the other shows to go to their network boards and get their information.

For Reaper:


ADDRESSES (this works best, remember Jericho's second season):

Please consider taking a moment to send in a letter or postcard. Even a simple "Please Renew Reaper!" makes a difference.

30 Second Options: