Saturday, April 11

Health has no fury like a copay

I thought I should pop in and let anyone stopping by know that I am still here.

Have been busy actually using my health and optical insurance for a change. Last year I dutifully paid my premiums but couldn't afford to actually pay the copays for actual visits and other out-of-pocket expenses. This year, I decided to do what was needed instead what I could afford; so I have gone in for my check-up and had 2 visits with a neurologist regarding my wrist and arm pains. The last visit was a fun test involving electric shocks and sticking needles in various parts of my arms and hands; the doctor performing the test said I have pinched nerves in both wrists. I go back next week for a follow up with the neurologist to find out my options; I can say right now that I cannot afford the deductibles and copays for surgery nor the loss of income from missing work.

I also have new glasses but couldn't afford to get the high-index plastic so the lenses are a bit thicker than I'd like. Still it is better than no glasses.

Went and saw Coraline at the Cinemark last night with Only Child and her friend-who-is-a-boy-but-not-her-boyfriend. It was a nice time at the bookstore, mall and movies.

Our tax refund is all gone and still no HDTV!!! Not that I am jealous of those that got one with their refund....much. Still, at least the pantry is stocked, bathtub replaced, car fixed and glasses are bought (although we couldn't get my wife's this year).

All in all, I would have to say that things are better than before the refund.

Only Child prepares to leave for Chicago next weekend to participate in the Junior States of America Spring Session.

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