Tuesday, February 10

D.C. Weekend

Got Only Child a Tracfone so that she can call and be called on her trip to D.C. this weekend. I got a good deal on a camera phone with double-minutes for the life of the phone. Keeping it stocked with minutes and service will be a shared responsibility for both of us. I told her to make sure all friends and family knew what a good gift a Tracfone card makes for holidays and her birthday.

Speaking of the D.C. trip, it has been trimmed by one day due to some problems on the school's end. They will still get a moonlight tour of the city and one dance for the kids in amongst all of their mock-congress work. I'm sure she will have a wonderful time and great learning experience. I just hope her cold lets up before she leaves on Thursday.

When she returns, we plan on seeing Coraline in 3D; she wants to see it again... in 3D this time.


Only Child said...

83 If learning how not to die in high heels is a good experiance, I guess so XD Haha. I'm sure I'll learn a lot and have fun too.

And can you blame me?! IT'S SUCH AN EPIC MOVIE. I want to see it AGAIN! WITH MORE EPIC EFFECTS! XD Haha. It's such an awesome movie.

The whole ginned up thing still kills me too. GOBAMA

TracFone Fan said...

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