Saturday, February 7


Thanks to the Collett's gift tickets, we saw Coraline last night! It was better than I hoped it would be. Granted, it wasn't quite as scary as the book; but I expected it to be toned down a bit. Still, it was more than scary enough to capture the frightening fun of the story.

Henry Selick has done amazing things with stop-motion and some CGI effects that will delight and amaze. I hope this film is successful so that Selick and the production company, LAIKA will continue to create new wonders for the big screen.

Just read of the passing of James Whitmore. Very sad indeed. He was always great in anything he was in; I especially loved him in Shawshank Redemption and the wonderful Twilight Zone episode,On Thursday We Leave For Home.

My condolences to family, friends and fans.

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