Saturday, December 20

Non Obit Post

Just wanted to make a non-obituary post to let my reader(s) know that things continue on in the Land of Gibsonia.

Thanks to the fine folks at Castle Anthrax for their postal treat of Swedish nuts. They are YUMMY!! Another round of thank-yous for those that sent us Christmas cards; they serve to let us know we are part of a bigger picture and that we are in the thoughts of those we know and love.

This just in... I also want to thank the Collett's for their surprise package!! We are going to wait until Christmas to open the gifts but are enjoying the Party Mix that accompanied them! One gift suffered a tear and we let Only Child open it. The Japanese info books were a mega-hit! She isn't going to make that trip to Japan this year, but she is going to go somehow/someway and these books will be handy; plus, she just loves to read about Japanese culture. She says THANKS, TONY AND KATHY! She also plans on tracking down all the other volumes too.
(Side note: She will be going to Washington DC in Feb!!)

Spent a very enjoyable Friday evening at the mall and movies with only child and her friend (NOT BOYFRIEND!!) We enjoyed the holiday crowds and watched Bolt at the AMC (Thanks to Coke Rewards for the tickets!) We all enjoyed it and gave it a strong 8 out of 10 rating. I want Santa to bring me some sort of Rhino, the hamster toy!

With Christmas nearly upon us, I can only say that, while it will be a leaner one than any before, I am certain that it will be a happy one for all of us.

I will check in later.

Hope your Holidays are happy!

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