Tuesday, October 21

This is Halloween!

...at least this is it at my house. I don't have enough money to go all out (as I would like to), so I settled for a trick-or-treat tombstone that I rescued from the trash and the pumpkin kitty that I inherited from my Movieland gig.
Please, don't email me to note that the porch needs fixed and the door needs painted; I don't have money for that either.

This second shot was without the flash so that I could capture the spooky glow better.

This last shot is from the yard (with flash) so that you could see that we have lights around the porch as well...trust me, they are on.

We also have some minor decorations (with lights around living room) inside that I am too lazy to go photograph. This is my favorite time of the year and my kid's birthday falls right in the midst of all this great pagan celebrating! That's why she's such a heathen.

Season's greetings!

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