Monday, October 20

Obama takes time out for grandma

The breaking news is that Barack Obama is taking a few days off from active campaigning to fly back to Hawaii and visit his ailing grandmother.

The McCain campaign lauded his family values; then, Sarah Palin asked, Just how well do we know his grandma?

Okay, I am kidding... but I wouldn't put it past them if they did.


Gordon D said...

The sad thing is, Mark...she actually would go there.

I'm just surprised (and admire) Obama's calm demeanor in the face of flat-out hate; I probably would have snapped and told McCain to leash his lipstick wearing pit bull, and to knock off the character attacks.

But that's just me.

Mark said...

We still have some time; your right, I could see Palin going after grandma as the desperation sets in.

Obama does have an amazing amount of control. That's why I could never be a politician. I really would love to do it; but my combination of Lewis Black demeanor and inability to pander would doom the campaign.