Tuesday, October 7

Sarah shouldn't attack Obama's past associations...

Sarah's new approach...

Just who is this mysterious black man trying to win the White House? His middle name is Hussein!!!! We must fear him!!! He might know people who once did or said things that Joe six-pack may not agree with!! Who cares if Obama feels the same way as ol' Joe?!

But wait!

Who is this woman who goes out of her way to make herself seem nearly moronic? She may be educated but she certainly isn't learned. Embarrassing and incompetent!

She used to hang out with whack-job secessionist!!

She has a witch hunter working his mojo to see that she became Alaska's governor

I bet he's chanting for McCain's ill health so that Sarah can get even more power!!!


Isn't this fun! It sure beats talking about the issues!

Sarah Updates...

Sarah had a heckler today during one of her events. She advised the guy that her son was over in Iraq fighting for his right to protest! Is that why we are in Iraq? So that I can type these protests on my blog!? I am pretty sure we already have that right, and the farce in Iraq has nothing to do with it.

At one of her Florida stops the rally takes a very ugly turn. Of course, she may not be responsible for the things shouted out by her supporters; but the McCain campaign is responsible for the fear mongering.

It seems that Keith Olbermann hits on the exact same stuff I mentioned here. My post got lost in the ether while my ISP took a rain day yesterday. Now it looks like I got my post idea from Keith; I swear, I was there first....he said it better anyway.

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