Monday, October 6

Japan seems farther away than ever...

We attended the People To People information meeting regarding the Japan trip next summer. It would cost about $7300 for dearest daughter to go. As far as scholarships offered; they are available but can't be applied for until she has submitted her application and been accepted into the program. Unfortunately, the app must be turned in with a $400 deposit towards the cost.

Once accepted, the payment plan is scheduled as follows... $500 45 days later...$500 75 days later...$1000 120 days prior to departure... $1000 90 days prior... Balance 60 days before departure. The best way to to go about it would be to work under the assumption that the scholarship is not forthcoming and try to find sponsors for the trip or come up with fundraising ideas.

The reality is that next year's trip is probably not going to happen, but we might go ahead and try to raise the money for a later trip to Japan or another location. I think that the trip would be a great experience for any child....especially mine.

The trip overview is shown in the 2 graphics click on them to enlarge.

If there are any congressmen or Wall Street players reading this blog, please, feel free to hit the DONATE button and give us some love....$7000 is a small payback for the $7 billion we gave you.

We will be giving this more thought and update you later.


SuperWife said...

Prepare for much rambling!

First, what a wonderful trip and I know how difficult it would be to pull it off, but I'm sure it would be an amazing experience for Only Child.

Have you talked to teachers about how other students have come up with funds like these in the past? I have to imagine that THAT kind of money has been an issue before and that maybe they are a source of some information.

My next suggestion is going to be corporate sponsorship. Wasn't Only Child working somewhere part time? If she is still doing that, maybe her employer is willing to kick in a little...and/or put up a poster to send a favored employee on an Asian Adventure?

Any friends who work at a bank? No. No. I'm not suggesting you steal any money. There are always collection cans for various local families (sick kid needing an operation, etc.) at the counter in local banks. How do they get that? Local whiz kid needs a helping hand. Mom's on disability and Dad's doing his best to support the family. I imagine it would tug at a few heartstrings!

I wish we were in better straits and if that changes, and this is still in the offing, I'll do what I can.

Lastly...and I don't want this to come across wrong. I didn't go to Japan as a teenager. You didn't go to Japan as a teenager. I think we both did all right. I think, in the event that this didn't happen for her, Only Child will still be a pretty phenomenal person and that the planet is better off having her around. So, don't beat yourself up if you can't give her the Moon.

Best of luck in it all, though. And, honestly, this is one of those cases where being nominated is pretty cool, too!!

Mark said...

We are going to try for some business sponsors and fundraising (21,000 rice crispy treats, anyone?); the school may offer money for these trip also.

You're right about only child still growing into an amazing person without said trip. I guess its the old making sure they get the opportunities that you never had dream that brings me down about not pulling it off.

Thanks for the input and encouragement!!!