Wednesday, August 13

Growing Pains

As I have been doing for nearly a decade, I saw my daughter off to school today. Today, she starts her freshman year of high school.Egads, time flies when your kid is growing up! Our house is right in front of the bus stop, so everyday of her school-life, I have watched for the bus and walked her to it. As she grew, I stayed on the porch to watch her board it. Even though she's an all-grown-up freshman, she still lets me see her off from the porch without complaining that I'm embarrassing her.

My daughter's a freshman and a remarkable person; I could not be prouder of her as a daughter and a person.

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SuperWife said...

This seems ripe for some teasing...but I have a high school senior and one in college.

Sometimes I cannot fathom how this happened.

Congrats. And my own brief observations would lead me to say she seems like a pretty amazing young woman.

Must be all Mrs. G's work...HEY! I got some teasing in after all!!...;)