Thursday, May 1

Meme Streets or Half A Meme Is Better Than None

I have been tagged. Arlene has tagged me for a meme which challenges me to...

... write a four-word memoir. Actually, it started out as a six-word memoir and got down to five. Then the challenge was, "Who can do it in four?" Of course, Arlen got it
down to 3.

Procrasti-national Tragedy/Observational Comedy.

Seems close enough to the truth to me.

Now, I'm supposed to tag 5 other bloggers for the meme. of course, all of the bloggers in my micro-bloggerverse have been tagged.

Thus, I fail on the second part. I really need to find some more like-minded bloggers to connect with. If only I was on Facebook or MySpace, then I'd have friends!

Here's your chance to reach out and make a friend. Leave a comment and a link to your blog. Tag yourself for this meme and that way I will feel less like one of those chain-letter writers that you all dread to hear from and mock relentlessly.


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