Thursday, May 1

DC Universe #0: Spoiling For A Fight

The news has been spreading across the internet regarding the return of a long-dead character to the DC Universe. The debate over the return has already become boring.

I say... YAY!

I get so tired of people whining about such resurrections. In super-hero comics, death has always been an impermanent state and I like it that way. I grow tired of the constant refrain of It cheapens the story of the character's death and lessens the impact... The story was very moving when first read and the impact was felt at that time for all of the characters involved. If I lived in a super-hero universe; and someone I loved died and years later was miraculously returned to me, the grief and suffering I had endured would not be lessened on tiny bit. It would, of course, end with their return, but their death and its impact on the life I led up to the time of their return would remain unchanged.

Actually, I think living in world where such deaths were so often reversed, would be excruciating for everyone who lost a friend or loved one. The grieving process would be horribly extended as you held out hope for one of the miraculous returns.

I can't wait for this story and hope the return is permanent. The next heroic death will still bring a tear to my eye (if well-written) while I hope for a someday reversal.

If I want stories of more permanent deaths, I will read something from a different genre.

I'm glad Bucky's back and I will cry when they kill J'Onn J'Onzz!

That's just the kind of reader I am.

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