Thursday, June 7

Mars Needs Women...

...and men.

The fans of Veronica Mars have not given up hope that the CW might pick up the proposed Veronica Mars, F.B.I. series as a fourth season possibility.

You can now send the CW a Mars Bar (free shipping)to show them you're sweet on the idea. It's only $1.79 to show 'em you mean business.

Read all about it at AICN or order yours here.

Hey, it worked for those Jericho nuts!

UPDATE: I checked out the blog for The Indian Food Store and found the totals as of Saturday...

4848 Snickers Almond Bars - nearly 550 pounds of Snickers!
1920 Mars Bars from England - nearly 300 pounds of Mars bars!
350 Pounds of Marshmallows
= Thats almost 1200 pounds of confectionery give or take a few pounds!

Congrats to all of the fans that refused to get on with your lives!


Ben Varkentine said...

Or, y'know, you could realize that even a TV show that you really really liked is just a TV show, and get on with your life.

Mark said...

Wow, Ben, feel superior much? If someone wants to spend a $1.79 to try and get their favorite show back on the air, I see no reason to belittle their efforts or enthusiasm. It might be nice if they also put such effort into real life causes as well, but there is nothing wrong with gettting your fan on over something you love.

I don't dress like my favorite Star Trek characters or speak Klingon, but more power to those who do. Doen't mean we can't giggle about, though.

Ben Varkentine said...

There's a fine line between "getting your fan on" and lunacy.

Mark said...

I guess you must have a lower threshold for those sort of things.
I like to see people enjoying their harmless obsessions.

MJ Norton said...

That does seem more than a little (and completely unnecessarily) negative, Ben.

It's a fairly passive action taken by fans of the show, and doing so is really no more in need of a "get a life" call than someone who is going to evangelize for Pet Shop Boys or blog about the latest turn for Paris Hilton.

Not that I'm taking shots at anyone -- most of my posts these days are about little plastic figures, the comics and the game they're attached to. This blogging biz is wherever it takes us.

Ben Varkentine said...

evangelize, evangelize, we go:

1. to preach the gospel to.
2. to convert to Christianity.

Yes, that's exactly what I do to Pet Shop Boys.

If you're gonna try to make smart remarks, please try to make sure that they're actually...y'know...*smart.*

Mark said...

I believe that Mike was using the term aptly. It's the definition of gospel that is at play here. Yes, it is the teachings and the life of Jesus but it is also something, such as an idea or principle believed to be unquestionably true (perhaps ones belief in the quality of the Pet Shop Boys' musical ablility).

Of course, Ben, maybe you're being obtuse in an effort to fuel that superiority complex. Then again, it could be that you're just being an ass for the sheer fun of it.

What do I know. I may not be smart enough to make such remarks.

Ben Varkentine said...

Or maybe, knowing that words do have meanings, I actually looked it up.

Re your totals, I certainly am glad we live in a country that has absolutely no hungry people who might have used almost 1200 pounds of food.

I mean if we didn't, something like this might seem even more asinine.

Mark said...

We will just have to leave it as it is. I'm tired of this thread and your either or attitude regarding people using their money for noble causes or selfish endeavors. You can spend time reading the dictionary and admonishing those that seemingly misuse words.

The end.

Ben Varkentine said...

That's not the end. This is:

It's not that it was selfish. It's that I knew it wasn't going to work.

To quote just part of what that says,

"Jericho ranked 48th overall for the season out of 142 shows. Veronica Mars ranked 138."

The two situations do not resemble each other.

BTW, you're misusing the word "seemingly."

Mark said...

BTW, I'm not. You're misunderstanding it. That seems to happen a lot.

MJ Norton said...

I was a little troubled immediately after the fact about having used the term "evangelize", as it was somewhat stronger than what the short (if praising) post on the Pet Shop Boys might have warranted. However, not so troubled as to follow up the post with a modifier. I knew that any intelligent reader would catch the ready meaning - as "gospel" has a well-established colloquial meaning beyond the Biblical. That those who are more interested in scoring points in the air with his fingertip would be content with doing just that.

I hadn't made the time to come back and check up on this until now, and now I wish I hadn't bothered.

You, Ben, are exactly the sort of petty, cowardly twit the Internet has been a boon to. I have no time for the likes of you. I wouldn't have even bothered with this much if it weren't Mark's blog.

And, yes, Mark, Ben creates his self-esteem out of selective "misunderstandings" of anyone who doesn't agree with him.

MJ Norton said...

Oh, one last thing Mark, and then, well.., the "and then" is the point:

Ben is a troll. (Let's not pause while he seeks the most narrowly abridged a definition as he can find.) Consider which post he decided to comment on and how. The worst thing one can do to a troll is ignore it. They're impervious to reason though they use its tools when it suits them, and simply crave attention. Don't give it to them.