Saturday, June 2

An Early Father's Day

Report cards haven't been sent yet, but it would appear that Only Child is going to have all A's! She received a certificate for Outstanding Academic Excellence from the President's Education Awards Program. She was rightly proud of the award but was a bit disheartened that it had to come from such a dumb President. She also received a letter for academics; they're not just for athletes anymore... about damn time.

She also brought home this poem that she wrote for English class...

I Love You Dad
by Only Child

When I'm afraid
you're always there
to tell me
it's all right

When I was sick
and couldn't sleep
you held my hand
the entire night

When I was small
you carried me on a pillow
and took me for
a magic pillow ride.

At the Father Daughter Dance
we danced and laughed
until our feet were to sore
to carry on

When Mom went on a trip
we stayed up late
ate lots of cookie dough
and slept until noon

You're a great Dad
and an even better
Best Friend
I love you, Dad

Having a bright child is an awesome thing. Having a kind and caring child is a truly wonderful thing. Having a great relationship with your kid is even better.


Arlene said...

That's just beautiful! You're making me cry...

Bless you both,

"Only Child" said...

I can't believe you put this online for the bloggin world to see! XD; Look. You made Arelene cry!

SuperWife said...

Wow! The trifecta!! Sweet to see how much you guys like each other (the love is a given). Sweeter to see how proud you are of her. Thanks for sharing it all!! Give her a noogie for me!