Tuesday, May 1

Victim Of A Drive By

After a rough start, I was just getting into Drive and then Fox made another halfwit decision to cancel a show before it had a chance to find itself and its audience.

I hate Fox.


Anonymous said...

Y'know, whenever I read an article about how the network viewership is down, and how the top-rated show today would've been cancelled in a heartbeat in the days of yore (or before cable, at least) I think of crap like this and laugh long and hard.
I have _Zero_ sympathy for the networks.

Tony C.
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Ben Varkentine said...

I think it's worth pointing out here that the show was getting ratings that would have been considered below average on the CW.

The reality of it is, networks don't care about good shows, they care about what shows people want to watch.

And in television, a 1.5 rating, especially after all the hype "Drive" got, is a pretty strong indication that basically, nobody wanted to watch it.

Mark said...

Yes, I know TV is a business and the networks have to make money. A 1.5 rating is truly awful... Still, Fox has always been quicker to pull the plug on shows that fail to perform right out of the gate.

Ben, stop raining on my pity parade.

MJ Norton said...

Someone at work mentioned the show's cancellation over lunch, and even for Fox this seemed like a rash decision. They did try giving it a 24-ish launch, though, didn't they? A two-hour premiere and then another episode the following night? Obviously someone in charge felt that was more than enough to decide if this fuel would burn.

I watched the first half of the first episode of it and what I saw didn't strike me as easily sustainable. I had the sense of a plot that would normally and neatly be resolved within a 2-hour movie or even a single episode of an hour-long drama being used to support a series.

Then again, it was on as a 2-hour premiere on a night when I knew I was going to change the channel and watch something else at 9, so I was predisposed to dismiss the show.

It at least looked more promising than Prison Break, which amazed me by finding an audience.