Wednesday, April 25

Premiere Magazine 1987-2007

Just got my notification from Premiere Magazine that they have ceased publication. They have gladly offered to send me Us Weekly for the remainder of my subscription....Egad (I promptly sent an email to request whatever meager refund I was owed.)! Although, Premiere had slowly lost its way, I was a subscriber from day one and had an automatic renewal that kept me on board for the last 20 years.

Even though it had turned from great reporting on the movie industry to more fluff and fashion crap, I still like to find it in the mailbox every month.

Any suggestions for a new monthly movie mag fix! What do you read? A real magazine and not some internet site!

While I was searching for a cover image, this was among the results.... It has nothing to do with Premiere, but it sure does bring back fond memories of my time as a member of F.O.O.M. and of those really wonderful Defenders stories by Steve Gerber.

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Anonymous said...

I thought Premiere went downhill after they quit publishing the insert postcards of different movie posters with factoids on the back. But they sunk further. I hadn't read it in years.
As far as hard copy alternatives, the only one that comes to mind is Movieline.

Tony C.