Saturday, February 10

Long Distance Learning

Don't say I don't provide educational content...

A Short Course In Superhero Physics

Pay attention! There just might be a pop quiz.

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MJ Norton said...

A fairly nice presentation, thanks for posting it! It's unfortunate that the person who did the posting only ran snippets.

He gets one thing (non-science element) wrong, though, in the first segment. Gwen Wasn't the first long-running character to be killed during a battle between a hero and villain. If no one else, there was Gwen's father, a police captain, who died several years earlier (our time) when a pile of rubble fell from a building during a fight between Spider-man and Dr. Octopus. Capt. Stacy leapt to save a child who would have been crushed by the fall of brick and debris, only to be mortally wounded in her place. (He lived long enough to let Spidey knew he was aware he was Peter Parker, and to ask him to take care of Gwen... which worked out so well...)