Friday, February 9

Anna Nicole Smith

Wow. I just realized what a heartless asshole I am.

After nonstop coverage of her death, the first thought I had was... so this is what they mean by beating a dead whore.

The woman's entire claim to fame was the figurative prostitution of herself in so many and varied ways. It was a non-stop pathetic spectacle that should have appalled and disgusted the public. Unfortunately, the public swarmed to it like rubberneckers at a traffic accident....SHAME ON YOU ALL!

Larry Klueless King actually said that she had class...even if you loved the woman and were a fan, you could not possibly use that word to describe her. Unless you were a dullard like Larry.

That all of the talking heads seemed stunned by her death is even more puzzling to me. A train wreck is likely to have casualties.

I am sincerely sorry for her family's loss and am concerned for her tiny daughter's situation. Still, the asshole in me wonders whether she might just be better off in many ways.

Please forgive my unfeeling disinterest in this tawdry tabloid tragedy.


Gordon said...

You know, I feel the same way - I don't like the idea of anyone dying, but most of Anna Nicole's career seemed more about getting attention (and the wrong kind of attention) than anything concrete.

Ben Varkentine said...

Among other things, I keep remembering Jon Stewart's comment when her "reality" show first hit.

After showing a few clips of the mumbling, stumbing Smith making an ass of herself for public consumption, he offered the following suggestion to the showmakers:

"Put down the camera...and help her."