Tuesday, December 12

Are You Listening, Santa

Thanks to Ben Varkentine
for providing this link and allowing me to prove my goodness.

How evil are you?

Go get yours tested...before Tammy breaks it.


Tammy said...
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Tammy said...

Hey, now!

I didn't break it. In fact, my results are as follow:

You Are Neutral (hear that, Mark Gibson, NEUTRAL...n'yah)

Moderation towards all things. Although you do have inner demons, you are MORE THAN ABLE TO CONTROL THEM (see!), and often find yourself in the position of peacemaker, balancing things out. (While that has certainly been true, not so much lately.)

Mark said...

Aha! Was I inferring that you would break it with your unrelenting evilness or your near-angelic goodness?! I'll never tell.

Tammy said...

Sheesh...and me nowhere NEAR my hip-waders!!