Saturday, November 4

Maintaining Your Election

After reading the latest Oral Report I decided to follow the link provided to see if I should vote. I managed a 336 out of 350 for a 96% clearance to vote. The test was about knowing the players and not the issues... so how informed does that really make me?

Although, I'm not sure it is such a good thing to discourage even the most ill-informed voters to stay home. A firm grasp of the players doesn't count nearly as much as a passion for changing the world... Yes, I voted for John Anderson (Who is still out there trying to change the world... or at least how we elect the president!) in my first presidential election. What a dreamer! Still, it would be nice if more people would expand their passion to include more than one issue and not write-off good candidates because of their stance on that issue. Even though the mentality of the religious right offends me, I would never seek to dissuade them from exercising their most valued right to seek representation that reflects their rigid views.

So get out and VOTE!! Even if you are an ignoramus.

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