Tuesday, August 29

I'm still here. The mouse isn't.

Just wanted to stop by and let Tony C. know that I am alive... just not that thrilled about it.

The moratorium's 10-hour shifts are really starting to wear me down. I rarely get to bed before 10AM and try to sleep as little as possible, so that I can spend some time with my lovely wife and darling daughter. Of course, this quality time is marred by the fact that I'm nodding off. I must find something else.

On the mouse front... The little guy was finally caught this morning. His back foot got caught in one of the cheap plastic traps and he dragged it out of the kitchen and down the hallway. I took him to the empty lot across the street and let him loose. He scurried of to whatever fate (most likely one of the many cats in the neighborhood) awaits him. I guess I did my best for the little critter but still feel bad about it. My wife and daughter are delighted that he is gone and the hamster probably is too.

More soon...


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